Janine Motta
Animal Protection League of New Jersey

Janine's journey with Animal Protection League began in August 1988 when she picked up an APLNJ (formerly New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance) flier supporting legislation to outlaw the infamous Draize test in NJ. It opened her eyes to the issue of product testing on animals as well as the issue of animals' rights in general. Janine recalls the profound effect it had on her. She started attending our local meetings, learning and absorbing all she could about this issue. Her life turned on a dime. She became vegetarian immediately and shortly thereafter vegan, started purchasing cruelty-free products, and worked the animal-based clothing out of her wardrobe. She knew that her ignorance of the past would be no more.

Presented for Vegstock 2015:

Cats and pigs: do you love one and eat the other? Why?

Janine spoke at the Riverfront Rennaisance Center for the Arts (RRCA) at 22 North High Street, Millville NJ 08332 for Vegstock 2015.