Vegan Assist Program
~ Consultation Package ~

Personalized Meal Plan
Conversation (up to one hour) regarding your dietary desires and goals and creation of a custom meal plan including one week's worth of ingredients and ideas.

Guided Grocery Shopping
Enjoy our experience to illuminate better options at the supermarket or retailer of your choice, up to one hour.

At-Home Cooking Assistance
Allow us to assist in the creation of an excellent meal in the comfort of your own home, for up to one hour.

Keep Your New Year's Resolution
Give as a Gift to Your Loved One
~ $150 Introductory Price ~

Meet Our Team:


My name is Joseph and I've been a vegan for over 3 years. After being a vegetarian for a couple of months and educating myself on the animal agricultural industry I decided to make the transition to full vegan in March of 2020, and haven't looked back since. Within the first four months I lost 30 lbs, my skin cleared up, and my overall health improved greatly in a very short amount of time. I enjoy cooking for my non vegan family and coming up with ways to make vegan versions of foods we'd all enjoy together as a family. I live with a bunch of picky Italians, so my work at Wildflower has helped me broaden my culinary knowledge to reinvent old family recipes! The hardest part of becoming vegan was the transition period, which consisted mostly of finding the right stuff at the right price and figuring out how to cook certain foods correctly. It's a lot to unpack at first, but luckily that's what we're here to help you with! Regardless of the circumstances of your particular situation, I look forward to giving you a hand on your journey!


Eric has over 40 years experience as a vegetarian, including the most recent 16 as vegan. He launched Wildflower as a vegan lunch truck in 2010 and has been running South Jersey's longest running all-vegan eatery ever since! He holds a B.A. in Philosophy and enjoys spending time with his cats and dog, biking, hiking, woodworking, and convertibles.


Kimberly has been vegan since late 2019, initially for health reasons. She's been with Wildflower since early 2020, and was a key part of getting us through the pandemic. Kim enjoys working out, music, and spending time with her family and kitty cats. Fluent in Spanish and English, she cooks some incredible soups, succulent seitan, and awesome hummus!


Veganism and social work are both my passions and I am excited to combine the two to help you reach your goals! I became vegetarian 13 years ago for my health. Two years later, I cut out all animal products after learning how veganism can help us live with more kindness towards ourselves, animals and environment. Wildflower has been a special part of my life. Being a customer introduced me to delicious foods that made the change achievable. Going vegan was no longer about what I could not eat, it was about expansion. I enjoyed trying and incorporating new meals. I worked at Wildflower for 7 years and loved using my creativity to make new dishes. I am grateful for what I learned from my wonderful coworkers and customers. I graduated in 2020 with my Master's in social work and have been a social worker for the past three years. I am looking forward to coupling my knowledge and experience being a vegan with my problem solving skills I use as a social worker! I am thrilled to share vegan resources, budgeting, meal planning and cooking skills. Whether your goal is to add more veg foods to your diet or go vegan, I will meet you where you are with a non-judgmental, compassion and solution focused approach. Having positive support was crucial in my journey and it would be an honor to help you on your own!

Vegan Assist Program Consultation Package
~ $150 Introductory Price ~
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